High accuracy, long range 3D laser scanning services

3D Laser Scanning Melbourne

Fast, precise data capture for point clouds!

On-site scanning

Using 3D laser scanners to capture on-site data. Applicable both for exterior and interior inspection of buildings, roads etc.

LiDAR surveying

Scan site volume, elevations and topography. Capture site data and convert it to point cloud for 3D digital visualisation.

CAD modelling

We transfer point cloud data to CAD/BIM software to generate 3D replicas and models of the site which is accessible to clients

As-built survey mapping and structural analysis via 3D scanners!

Maximum Scanning Size: 2m x 2m | Accuracy: 0.1 mm / 0.004in

3D laser scanning is the process of measuring the built environment using laser scanning technology and converting these into digital 3D models. 3D scanners use laser light to scan any surface of a building and accurately capture its distance, shape and geometrics.

Here is how Avian helps you with long range 3D scanning:

Long Range 3D Scanning:

  • Creating detailed surveys
  • Inspection for civil engineering projects
  • Detecting damages and plant refits
  • Monitoring site topography
  • Asset inspection and management
point cloud scan

Scan to BIM


Scan to Plan

ormond uniting church

Scan to Model

High resolution 3D laser scanning services in Melbourne

3D scanners, also known as LiDAR scanners save the raw data as point clouds. These point clouds consist of millions of data points which can be merged, manipulated, coloured and converted into different file formats. The point cloud image is processed in CAD, BIM or visualisation applications depending on your unique project needs and outcomes. From construction sites to small wind turbines- you can capture it all via our 3D laser scanning services in Melbourne. Here are a few advantages of 3D scanning you should know about:
  • Quick and easy site data collection 
  • Minimum disruptions on site 
  • Reduced call back time 
  • Easy damage detection minimises risks 
  • Helps architects identify design errors 
  • Assists with asset management 
  • Real-time worksite inspections 
  • Visualize real world data in 3D
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Why choose Avian?

$20M public liability coverage

Includes commercial protections- workcover insurance and up to $5m professional indemnity. 

100% Worksite safety

Covers necessary CWCs and RIWCs needed to operate drones over railway tracks and project sites.

Full CASA-licensed operators

Land surveying experts from Melbourne licensed by CASA and have approvals for operations outside CASA SoCs.

3D digital visualisation

Our team is trained to process drone footage in photogrammetry software and create 3D maps.

Integrated to existing workflow

The drone videos and images we create are compatible with your existing workflow systems.

Pan Victoria operations

Deploy drone surveying services anywhere in Victoria within hours, including the suburbs.

3D LiDAR scanning to improve on-site safety

Sometimes, it is simply not possible to manually measure and map the construction site – a practice that a lot of construction still stubbornly holds onto. 

Fortunately, many construction companies are slowly coming around, incorporating new technologies such as digital sensors, drone tech, cloud computing etc. to their project. 

3D laser scanning aka LiDAR scanning is one such popular technology that reduces on site risks by automating the surveying process. You don’t need to send workers to rooftops or underground pipelines for maintenance work anymore- the 3D laser scanner gets the job done.

Popular Areas in Melbourne Metropolitan and Inner Suburbs We Cover

Sunshine Coast Daylesford Phillip Island Pakenham
Gold Coast Melton Colac Central Coast
Bendigo Kyneton Castlemaine Greensborough
Hobart Footscray Shepparton Bacchus Marsh

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