Site visualisation and topographical models are an important tool for project managers, site supervisors and engineers to understand the status and issues of any construction project. Engineers need site data to meticulously design important features like drainage, roads, paths and signalling.  Constructors need data from topographical or contour surveys to ensure everything is

LiDAR scanners have become an indispensable part of any architectural project. These cutting-edge machines help architects collect accurate site measurements, capture important site details and so much more.But did you know that the benefits of laser scanning go far beyond 3D architectural visualisation? 3D Laser scanning in particular plays a

At Avian Australia, our primary focus is to provide the highest level of customer service and unmatched quality in the fields of inspection, surveying, 3D laser scanning, imaging and photogrammetry. It's our focus to provide architects, engineers, and construction clients with data-driven insights about their projects to allow them to