For Architects Accurate reconstruction of the built environment For Architects Visualise in 3D space using renders, walk throughs and animations For Architects Showcase projects with high-resolution photography and video.

Laser Scanning​

Efficiently capture real-world information to verify actual dimensions and take precise measurements with confidence.

3D Visualisations​

3D models, renders and virtual tours are an impressive and easy to understand representation of the design, concept or structure created from plans and drawings.

Project Marketing​

Impress stakeholders with engaging photography and video using state of the art imaging methods. Capture 360 panoramas, aspect and level views for project marketing and design.

Efficiently measure the as-built environment with millimetre accuracy.

Laser scanning is an efficient and accurate recording of existing conditions, structures and spaces in the as-built environment.

AVIAN uses laser scanning technology and surveying methods to measure the as-built environment with millimetre accuracy. The benefits of laser scanning include:

  • Avoids lengthy time onsite and costly revisits due to duplication or transcription errors.
  • A digital reproduction in the form of 3D model or 2D plans are generated from the scan data and is an accurate digital twin of the actual environment.
  • Take accurate measurements and is used for drafting modifications and producing architectural drawings.
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Scan to BIM

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Scan to Plan

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Scan to Model

Start designing sooner with direct Software Integration

Seamlessly integrate with industry-standard software such as Autodesk Revit, Civil 3D, AutoCAD, Archicad, Solidworks, Microstation, Rhino and Bentley Systems.

Experience immediate integration of scan data for modelling and design applications.

Share and collaborate laser scan data and 3D models with teams, stakeholders and clients via our secure web-based applications.



Measure Complex Structures

Measure large and complex structures with ease.

A wider range of jobs

Architects can bid on more jobs, confident that we can visit the site and capture all the information with efficiency and accuracy.

Confidence in Accuracy

Deliver client obligations with complete confidence in the accuracy of the 3D environment.

Shorter time to payment

With shorter data capture times and a faster start to design, the project timeframe is reduced and payments issued earlier.

No return visits

Be confident that all data is accurately recorded and there are no gaps or errors, so there’s no need for site re-visits.

Save time

Laser scanning is much faster than traditional measure up. We capture in half a day what would take multiple days using the traditional approach.

Clear 3D Visualisations

We create 3D virtual tours, architectural renders and visualisations from plans that are an impressive and easy-to-understand representation of the design or the as-built structure.

Design and visualise the concept in 3D space with impressive digital visualisations.

Clearer for the client to imagine and visualise. Many clients struggle to interpret plans and drawings, but a 3D visualisation, walkthrough or augmented reality projection is much more visible, which can enhance the client relationship and the signoff process.



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3D Models

Improve Sales off the Plan

Imaging and video for sales and marketing

For project marketing we capture high-resolution photography and video including high-megapixel cameras to capture panoramas, aspect and level views.

Visualisations such as renders, views, photomontages, 3D walkthroughs and sales videos help to engage the audience and sell a lifestyle before the project is built, this builds client engagement and increases sales off-the-plan.

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