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Enhance building maintenance, enable early defect detection, and reduce inspection time
by integrating our advanced inspection methodologies into your asset management strategy.

At Avian Australia, we specialize in providing top-notch building inspection services in Melbourne, ensuring the safety, compliance, and longevity of your assets. Our team of registered building inspectors employs advanced technologies like 3D Laser Scanning and Drones for comprehensive defect identification.

In an era where precision, cost and efficiency are paramount, our Asset and Building Inspection services stand out by providing meticulous defect identification, accurate damage assessment, and an overall streamlined inspection process. 

We leverage advanced technologies like 3D Laser Scanning and Drones to conduct comprehensive Defect Identification Surveys to ensure your buildings are not just compliant but will stand the test of time.


Our services are powered by certified registered building inspectors in Melbourne, ensuring your buildings are meticulously maintained and inspected.

Facade Inspections

Our facade inspection services, conducted by registered building inspectors in Melbourne, leverage High-Rise Facade Inspections and 3D Laser Scanning to identify defects early, ensuring your building’s exterior remains in optimal condition and bring peace of mind to Building Owners and Facility Managers in the Commercial and Residential sectors.

By employing High-Rise Facade Inspections and 3D Laser Scanning, we not only identify defects early but also significantly reduce inspection time, ensuring your building’s exterior is always in optimal condition.

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Roof Inspections

Avian Australia’s roof inspection services offer unparalleled precision in leak detection and condition assessment, facilitated by our certified building inspectors and advanced 3D laser scanning technology to offer Building Managers, Owners and Facility Managers a shield of confidence.

With capabilities like Leak Detection and Detailed Condition Assessment through 3D Laser Scanning and Dilapidation Surveys, we not only improve roof maintenance but also facilitate early leak detection and reduce inspection time, safeguarding your building against the elements.

Get started with a free consultation from Melbourne’s leading building inspection service providers and ensure your building stands the test of time with Avian Australia.

Why Choose our Asset and Building Inspections?

For those seeking unparalleled precision, meticulous detail, and unwavering reliability, our 3D Laser Scanning services are the optimal choice. We can accurately record the existing facade with millimetre precision and draft 3D and 2D drawings and models.

✓ Detailed Defect Identification

Uncover hidden issues before they become major problems. Assess difficult to reach areas at heights without the need cranes, scaffolding, rope access or Building Maintenance Units (BMUs). Our zoom cameras and high-resolution images provide high detail inspection of facades, structures and roof coverings. Our inspection team can identify and assess concrete deterioration, spalling, cracking, rust and water egress in minutes.

✓ Accurate Damage Assessment

Understand the exact condition of your assets. We provide a comprehensive report summarising existing conditions, major concerns and  recommendations from a licensed builder with a minimum 20+ years experience in construction and building.

✓ Efficient Inspection Process

Significantly reduce inspection time and enhance efficiency with our combination of drone surveys, laser scanning and photogrammetry. We provide you with a quality 3D model of your building or asset with geo-tagged images that enables an efficient and comprehensive post-inspection and reporting process. 

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Asset and Building Inspections Case Studies

Speak with the team at AVIAN to discuss your project needs. We love to solve complex problems using our combined knowledge and experience so let us know more about yours.