AEC Specialised Drone Services in Melbourne

Professional Drone Services in Melbourne

Professional Drone Services We Offer

Drone Photography and Video

Stunning aerial perspectives, 360 panoramic images to take your sales and marketing to the next level! 

Terrain Mapping and 3D Models

Precision digital twins of terrain, buildings, structures and interactive 3D models with accurate geometry for precise measurements, calculations and site engineering. 

Aerial Inspections

End to end Project Management of building facade inspection, bridge and tower assets, oil and gas facilities and natural features for high detail visual condition assessment and monitoring.

It's what we do with the data that makes all the difference!

Industry Leading | Safe Work Methods | Accurate Surveys | Reputable and Reliable

A drone helps with on-site inspection, investigation, progress tracking and site surveying. This makes the once difficult task of conducting visual inspection at heights, over water or underneath bridges faster, safer and more manageable. No longer do we need months of planning required permits and navigating multiple approvals to conduct inspection activities. However, the drone camera captures image and video in real-time or for desktop analysis its how we categorise and present the data to our clients that makes all the difference. Avian Australia has developed a cataloging and indexing methodology that gives you meaningful data that is easily referenced and reviewed for desktop analysis and reporting. This often involves gathering and converting site information into 2D maps and 3D models using a process called photogrammetry

Here are some key drone services we offer:

  • Aerial inspections 
  • Land surveying
  • Topographical maps
  • 3D laser scanning
  • Worksite inspection 
  • Geospatial models
  • Digital Media – photography and video

3D Laser Scanning


Digital Media

M600 Digital Media

Aerial Surveying

Quickly Identify Asset Issues and Capture Site Data

Using a solid workflow and proven processes, drones can capture a substantial amount of data in a short timeframe. Plus the aerial perspective is used to gi ve project managers, engineers and architects information that is unable to be gathered as cost effectively or as quickly as when using drones.

Drones are increasingly used for investigation work like inspection, monitoring and maintenance activities. Also combined with surveying and 3D laser scanning processes the drones are able to provide aerial images that can be incorporated into point cloud data captured using laser scanners.

Asset management involves assessing existing conditions, inspecting structures, pipelines and conducting periodic inspections on machinery, facades and equipment etc. for damages, corrosion, leakage etc. Using drones as part of the inspection workflows improves planning, extends asset life and informs maintenance schedules. Our clients inform overall decision making to achieve objectives faster, safer and smarter than traditional methods.

Why choose Avian?

$20M public liability coverage

Includes commercial protections – WorkCover insurance and up to $1m professional indemnity. 

100% Worksite safety

Our industry leading Safe Work Methods ensure mandatory CWCs and RIWCs to attend sites across Victoria, includes rail assets and large construction sites.

Full CASA-licensed operations

Our operators and business is licensed by CASA and have approvals for operations outside standard operating conditions.

3D digital visualisation

Our data processing team is experienced processing laser scan data using photogrammetry and 3D modelling software to create 3D Revit models, 3D terrain maps and geospatial products. 

Integrated to existing workflow

The 3D models and point cloud data are compatible with GiS and BIM workflows and systems.

Pan Victoria operations

Deploy drone services in Metro Melbourne within hours, including the suburbs and rural Victoria within days

Detect. Locate. Capture.

beam lift construction

Our teams are able to visit multiple project sites in a day to offer drone services in Melbourne by capturing important site information for comprehensive reporting on the project progress, compliance and safety.

We also perform asset monitoring, construction updates, track contractor performance and ultimately ensure project success.

Some of our Drone Services Projects

Melbourne Metropolitan Area and Inner Suburbs We’ve Covered

EppingFootscrayMeltonBacchus Marsh

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FAQs about Drone Services in Melbourne

We have answered some common questions AEC clients have about drone services in Melbourne.

Drone photography is more engaging and allows us to capture a site from more unique perspectives. Also, the aerial images and video are more visually impressive and capture the attention of the viewer due to the more interesting views. 

Drone photography and videography is increasing in all market sectors, not just the more popular sectors like real estate and property. We are finding more traditional sectors and industries are utilising drone images and video to set themselves apart from the competition and to get their business noticed.

This depends on the distribution channels or uses of the images and video. We capture stunning aerial photography from helicopters, drones, balloons and EWPs (elevated work platforms) for our clients across Australia. 

At Avian, we provide a full suite of digital media and visualisation services to clients, making their work easier. You can check out our drone services cost guide for more information on our pricing.

Of course, at Avian we have worked with AEC clients who utilise us for full end-to-end digital media and marketing as we also offer 360 photography, 3D visualisations, renders and full in-house video production. You can see some examples of our media work here.

We are experts in civil construction road projects and have strong experience working on major road projects for project updates, terrain mapping, surveying and monitoring site compliance and activity.  We also use drones to detect contractor issues, track on site activity, ensure worksite safety and to provide regular project updates to clients.

You can learn more about how drones are used for road construction in this blog.

In our experience, these are the minimum requirements to ask when engaging a drone services provider: