Remote Access Drone Services in Melbourne

Drone services Melbourne

Professional Drone Services We Offer

Drone Photography

Stunning aerial shots, wide-angle panoramic images to take your real estate listings to the next level! 

Drone Mapping

Detailed aerial footage of construction worksites, mines, quarries used to produce interactive 3D models.

Aerial Surveys

Precision driven aerial surveys to calculate site measurements and create maps with up to 0.7 in/px resolution.

Drone automation like never before!

Highest Efficiency | Accurate Surveys | Worksite Safety

A drone helps you with on-site inspection, investigation, progress tracking and site surveying. The drone camera captures aerial photography and video footage of your site in real-time. 

The ground topography is captured from various angles, in high-resolution quality to be stitched into maps and models using a process called photogrammetry. 

Here are some key drone services we offer:

  • Aerial Inspections 
  • Land surveys 
  • Asset management 
  • Worksite inspection 
  • Drone mapping 
  • Drone photography 
  • Real estate drone videography

Thermal Imaging


Drone Videography

M600 Digital Media

Aerial Photography

Quickly Identify Asset Issues and Capture Site Data

Using a solid workflow and reliable processes, drones can map around 900 acres (fixed-wing) and 250 acres (multi-rotors)  in a day, giving project managers a bird’s eye view of the land and existing conditions.

Drones are increasingly used for investigation work like inspection, monitoring and maintenance activities.

Asset management involves checking existing conditions, inspecting pipelines and conducting periodic inspections on heavy-duty machinery etc. for damages, corrosion, leakage etc.

This improves planning, extends asset life and informs maintenance schedules.

Why choose Avian?

$20M public liability coverage

Includes commercial protections- workcover insurance and up to $5m professional indemnity. 

100% Worksite safety

Covers necessary CWCs and RIWCs needed to operate drones over railway tracks and project sites.

Full CASA-licensed operators

Land surveying experts from Melbourne licensed by CASA and have approvals for operations outside CASA SoCs. 

3D digital visualisation

Our team is trained to process drone footage in photogrammetry software and create 3D maps.

Integrated to existing workflow

The drone videos and images we create are compatible with your existing workflow systems.

Pan Victoria operations

Deploy drone surveying services anywhere in Victoria within hours, including the suburbs.

Detect. Locate. Capture.

Our teams visit multiple sites and capture important site details to provide comprehensive reporting on the project progress.

We also track safety compliance regulations, perform asset monitoring and track contractor performance.

Melbourne Metropolitan Area and Inner Suburbs We’ve Covered

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