3D Laser Scanning, Surveying & Reality Capture Solutions for AEC Sectors

Your all-in-one partner for cost-effective efficiency and success, with hundreds of projects across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. 

Avian is a trusted partner in surveying, imaging, and reality capture solutions for the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

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Our dedicated team of experts is focused on providing outstanding customer service and unmatched quality. We are committed to providing precise inspection, surveying, laser scanning, and photogrammetry services, empowered by cutting-edge technology and an unwavering dedication to excellence. Together, we bring your vision to life with passion and proficiency.

Over 25 years combined experience

Nationwide coverage

CIWC, RiWC and Confined Spaces accreditation

$20M P.L Insurance, Full CASA certification



– Avoid lengthy time onsite for measure-up and avoid revisits 

– Multiple deliverables from site scan to architectural drawings, 3D models, visualisations and photo-realistic renders

– Immediate provision of 3D Scan data for drafting plans, drawings or 3D models for design and engineering

– Capture a precise digital twin of existing conditions for analysis, design, modification or defect detection

Scan to Plans

Scan to Model

Scan to BIM



– Visual condition inspections in difficult to access positions at heights, over water, underneath bridges, inside tunnels or buildings.
– Obtain accurate measurements and reality capture using 3D Laser Scanning & LiDAR 
– Quickly obtain dimensions and existing conditions from accurate 3D DWG or 3D textured models

Avoid the risk, costs & time of more traditional inspection methods



– Construction updates. Keep stakeholders engaged and informed. Improve stakeholder support and confidence in project performance.
– Contractor QA. Contractor payments can be verified against job specification. Avoid disputes and costly rectification works.
– Elevation Maps and 3D site models for site access, project progress, reporting and construction planning.
– Site inspection, safety and compliance using 2D and 3D digital maps we deliver compliance objectives, asset tracking and reporting.

Deliver efficiencies during all phases of the construction lifecycle in the areas of risk, safety and cost

Services by Avian Australia

3D Laser Scanning

Our advanced 3D laser scanning services enhance AEC projects by providing accurate dimensions, detailed models, and insightful site analysis, eliminating uncertainty.

CAD Drafting and 3D Models

Activate your designs with 2D and 3D CAD and Revit models to streamline processes and optimize space. Improving planning and design workflows.

Drone Surveying & Mapping

Transform civil and infrastructure projects with fast, accurate drone surveys and terrain mapping. Enhancing timelines and project delivery.

Asset and Building Inspections

Streamline building, facade, and roof inspections with cost-effective solutions. Timely and comprehensive building condition inspections.

Land Surveying

Transform construction projects with reliable land surveying. Ensure compliance and alignment with property extents.

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Delivered Outcomes

testimonials quote pattern

“We have used Avian UAS for multiple jobs that require accurate, fast turnaround times for the requested images. They constantly deliver and go well above and beyond for us that we will continue to seek their support for our business.“

Natalie G.
Marketing Manager — Property Development, Melbourne

“Avian are a professional organisation who met each of the requirements he had head on. This involved some complex drone methodology as we often asked them to work alongside live traffic lanes and/or open public areas. They complied well with each of our health and safety controls and we would happily use them again.”

Adam Wilson
Melbourne, Australia

“These guys were great, on time and very happy to work in a high security location. Definitely went over and above to provide us with the best shoot we could ask for. Avian will be on the top of my list for any future projects with aerial work.”

Zac Luckman
Melbourne, Australia

Experience the distinctive precision that sets us apart in the realm of 3D laser scanning companies

Pricing packages to suit your business
Plans with inclusions for Drone Inspection, Land Surveying, 3D Laser Scanning, Drone Photography & Videography. Get custom quote for your specific requirement.


3D Laser Scanning FAQs

We answer common questions about 3D laser scanning and turning these scans into 3D models, BIM or CAD plans and drawings.

3D laser scanning services in Melbourne cost from $1500 upwards for a surveyor to attend the site and scan. You can check out our laser scanning costing guide for more insights on how laser scanning is charged in Australia. For detailed pricing packages with inclusions please check out our packages.

It helps to provide the following information, if available:

1.Site address, access conditions and areas to be included in the laser scan.

2.What deliverables do you require from the laser scan i.e. point cloud, 3D Revit Model, CAD Plans/Drawings

3.If drawings, what types? Floor Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans, elevation views, cross sections. 

4.Do you require land surveying plans i.e. Feature and Level, Title Boundary or Re Establishment surveys?

5.Any existing plans, mark ups or drawings of the site, building or facility that show the areas to be scanned or surveyed?

If you don’t have all the information, it’s okay. Simply contact the team via phone or email and we can answer any questions you may have.

Avian uses two main types of laser scanners, the BLK360 and RTC360 made by Leica Geosystems. The BLK360 has a range of 20m with accuracy 7mm and 10m with accuracy 4mm. The RTC360 has a range of 40m with accuracy of 5.3mm and 20m with accuracy of 2.9mm.

We create all types of plans and drawings – Floor plans, Reflected Ceiling plans and views – Elevation, Section. Basically everything from construction and shop drawings to updated as built, BIM and asset management models.

We can deliver 3D models and drawings in any file format. 3D scan data is captured in point cloud and then converted to 3D models using BIM or CAD software. Typically, we provide 3D models to clients with Revit or CAD files but also files for applications like Microstation, Civil 3D and ArchiCAD.

Our 3D models are easily compatible with your existing workflow and software applications.

Depending on the size, internal dimensions and overall shape of the building it usually takes us a day or two to scan both the interior and exterior of a multi-level home, warehouse or commercial building. It takes longer to scan a site with many rooms or high level of internal details within the property.

You can check out this case study wherein our team conducted a scan to model of a commercial warehouse scan to understand more about the process and benefits.

Avian Australia started with providing 3D laser scanning services in Melbourne and Sydney. Today, we also extend our 3D Laser scanning and drone surveying services to Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

In just two words, efficiency and accuracy

3D laser scanners capture millions of measurements every second using laser light pulses. These measurements create a point cloud which is a 3-dimensional model of the scanned environment. From the point cloud we create 3D models, Plans and Drawings and 3D visualisations (virtual site tours, walk-throughs and Architectural renders). To do this manually with a disto, well its not even worth considering.

Using 3D Revit models allows for precision in design and installation as we are working with precision measurements from laser scanning. Also we are able to create 2D drawings out of 3D Revit models so you can still obtain drawings with more efficiency and accuracy.

Using 3D scanning services, our land surveyors can assess and measure site conditions, determine volumes, track changes, and draft site plans for features, levels and breaklines. During construction, we use interior 3D laser scanning for BIM, design and installation and updating site drawings. This helps project managers and contractors who have tight schedules and need to work with accurate site measurements and information. 

You can check out our blog on 3D laser scanning in construction to know more.