Aerial Land Surveying in Melbourne

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Land Surveying Services in Melbourne

Cadastral Surveys

Used to define and amend property boundaries, resolve issues concerning land titles, and subdivision of existing land titles.

Feature and Levels Surveys

Used to help architects and builders with information of the subject site, the existing buildings, features and services including adjoining road reserves and adjoining properties. 

Site Analysis Surveys

Used to capture the neighbourhood and additional areas surrounding the site usually to around 50m radius. Helps architects identify features to include in the building design and required by council for town planning and building applications.

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At Avian, we use a combination of surveying, laser scanning and digital visualisation techniques to make the land surveying and 3D visualisation process faster, safer and more accurate. 

We help clients through key stages of the design and construction process with surveying services:

  • Cadastral Surveys: to identify the site location and mark title boundaries. 
  • Site Analysis Surveys: to conduct site analysis and provide neighbourhood context within a 50m radius of the property. 
  • Feature and Levels Surveys: to provide information on the site buildings and features, including adjoining road reserves and building features within 9m radius. We specialise in large land area surveys of farms, agricultural and commercial properties.
  • Dilapidation Surveys Provides a visual assessment of cosmetic or structural defects of the subject property recorded in a comprehensive condition report with defects and issues clearly referenced. The survey is conducted before or after construction, demolition or capital works to identify changes in the inspected areas and provides a documented account for further actions. 
  • Lettable Area Surveys (NLA/GLA): To assess the lettable area in a building for calculating rent, valuations or supporting lease negotiations. This is conducted in accordance with the Property Council of Australia – Method of Measurement Guidelines
    • Measured Building or As-Built Surveys: to measure existing buildings (both interior or exterior) for renovation, fit-out or commercial leasing of offices, malls, residential buildings and warehouses. We provide drafting and 3D modelling for basic 2D floor plans to highly detailed 3D Revit and CAD models.
    • Building and Construction Setout Surveys: Establish onsite markings for buildings for residential and commercial construction or extensions based on design specifications.  This includes civil works for construction such as roads, services, boreholes and buildings.
    • Monitoring Surveys: to detect surface movement with short/long term monitoring of buildings.
    • Engineering surveys: to conduct detailed surveys of water, sewer lines, drains, roads, telco networks, mines as well as earthworks and volumetric calculations. Using the latest in drone and geospatial techniques we provide digital terrain models, elevations, watershed analysis, feature extraction, vegetation and terrain modelling. 
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Title Re-establishment Surveys

Group 9590@2x

Feature and Levels Surveys


Large Land Area Surveys

Cost estimate for land surveying in Melbourne

When you connect with our team, we will ask you a few fundamental questions about your project that help us to establish your unique needs.

  • What are your objectives and why do you need this service?
  • What are you seeking to achieve? 
  • Where are the sites located?
  • What are your timeframes and file formats?
  • What are the next steps once we deliver our work?

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$20M public liability insurance

Includes comprehensive Commercial Coverage including Work Cover Insurance and to $1m professional indemnity cover.

100% Worksite Safety

Our teams all hold valid CWCs and RIWCs needed to safely work in construction and rail project worksites.

Qualified and Experienced Land Surveyors

Our surveyors used are both Licensed and Qualified for Cadastral Land Surveying and a minimum 5 years industry experience in land surveying.

Obtain more with less

We don’t only provide you with 2D plans but can deliver more site context and value add in the form of 360 virtual tours, 3D Models or Architectural Renders.

Easily integrated to existing workflows

The data we provide is compatible with your existing workflow systems including applications like CAD, Revit, Civil3D and Microstation

Across Melbourne and country Victoria

Our land surveying services are attended within hours and across Victoria within a week of a confirmed booking.

Precision-driven land surveying in Melbourne

Land Surveying is a centuries-old profession that has evolved to incorporate leading innovation and digital technologies to deliver faster and more accurate observations and measurements including the ability to provide more site information that ever before.

Our local team of surveyors in Melbourne use a combination of geospatial, surveying and 3D laser scanning methods to capture onsite conditions faster, safer and smarter when compared to the traditional land surveying methods typically used across Melbourne and Victoria

Here are a few key differences in the way we conduct surveys to ensure maximum value for our clients: 

  • Millions of data points captured onsite
  • Faster onsite attendance and workflows
  • Qualified and experienced surveying, laser scanning, geospatial and modelling expertise
  • More onsite data supplied to clients including site analysis and neighbourhood context
  • Short and long term monitoring of assets and existing conditions
  • Multiple outputs available in both 2D and 3D formats including GiS applications
  • Increased site context means better planning and decision making 
  • Improve planning and permit applications with more detailed information
  • Increased client engagement from 3D visualisations and site tours
  • Promote project success and improve future bids with project profile and case studies

Our Land Surveying Projects in Melbourne

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FAQs about Land Surveying in Melbourne

We have answered some common questions that AEC clients have about our land surveying services in Melbourne.

Land surveying in Melbourne starts around $1200. However, the cost of land surveying depends on a range of factors including existing surveys in the area, the size and location of the property and existing conditions and features that makes it difficult to access the subject site. 

We can provide a detailed and accurate cost estimate once we have an address to conduct some due diligence on the property. You can book a no obligation free consultation and tell us about your land surveying requirements.

The cost of a feature survey in Melbourne can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the land, complexity of the site, required level of detail, and the surveying company hired. Generally, feature surveys in Melbourne can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

A feature and level survey can cost in the range of $2,000 to $4,500 in Victoria depending on the size of the land parcel and complexity of the sub-division.

Smaller and simpler surveys, such as residential property surveys, tend to be on the lower end of the cost spectrum, while larger and more intricate surveys, such as commercial or industrial sites, can be more expensive. It is advisable to obtain a quick quote from our team after discussing the scope of the survey to get a more accurate cost estimate based on your specific requirement.

You can find on this here – Land Surveying Costing Guide Australia 2023

A typical land surveying project in Victoria involves collecting data by physically visiting the site and conducting measurements on the ground. This usually involves using surveying equipment, such as total stations or GPS receivers, to measure distances, angles, and elevations. Ground surveys provide detailed and precise data but can be time-consuming and limited in scope.

In contrast, an aerial land survey in Melbourne utilizes aircraft-mounted sensors, such as LiDAR or cameras, to capture data from above the ground. Aerial surveys cover larger areas more quickly and provide a broader perspective of the land. They are particularly useful for obtaining topographic information, mapping large areas, and generating 3D models. Aerial surveys have higher accuracy than ground surveys,  and they offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency, coverage, safety and cost-effectiveness for many applications.

We conduct an investigation about the property titles and history before quotation to ensure we correctly assess the complexity and required time onsite. Some properties may not have had a land survey completed in a long time and therefore it takes longer to establish the baselines to work from. In other cases, there are difficulties with accessing areas of the property due to trees, vegetation or structures making it difficult to take measurements on all property boundaries.

The land surveyor will attend the property and establish the existing property boundaries and features using precision surveying equipment. This involves taking site measurements called observations and checking the property boundaries, fence lines, topography features and the proximity to adjacent properties. As you can imagine, it takes time to ensure the measurements are accurate and equipment is correctly positioned to avoid any disputes or errors from the results.

In our experience, there are many challenges with land surveying but mostly difficulty with site access that causes our work to be more complicated. Aside from technical issues that occur from time to time our main concern is to ensure the safety and well being of our team while in the field.

We would recommend builders to conduct a cadastral and feature and levels survey before starting the construction project. A cadastral survey is used to define the property boundaries and verify land titles and can only be completed by a licensed cadastral surveyor.

Other than that, we also advise builders to invest in topographical surveys, sub-division surveys, dilapidation and site analysis surveys to get more information of the property for design and planning purposes.

Yes, there are regulatory considerations and restrictions when conducting aerial land surveying for engineering and construction purposes in Melbourne. It is essential to comply with local council laws, aviation regulations, check for no-fly zones and obtain necessary permits or approvals from relevant authorities before conducting aerial surveys.

Additionally, privacy concerns may arise when capturing aerial imagery, requiring adherence to guidelines and ensuring the protection of sensitive information. Engaging experienced professionals familiar with local regulations and best practices is crucial to ensure legal compliance and ethical use of aerial land surveying data.

Our team always stays on top of changing guidelines from various authorities and takes care of all permits and compliance when it comes to doing it right.