Replicate Real Estate Properties With Commercial Drone Photography in Melbourne

AEC Industry Experts

For Architects

Drone photography for capturing site footage, collecting volumetric measurements, and replicating 2D site images to 3D maps and models.

For Engineers

Using drone photography to carry out asset inspection, monitor worksite productivity, track project progress, and carry out timely preemptive maintenance of hard to reach assets on an engineering site.

For Real Estate

Drone photography helps real estate agents create engaging property listing ads, and capture indoor/outdoor site footage of building projects. 

Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography in Metro Melbourne

Spread the word about your commercial real estate property using drone photography! Our team has land surveyors, drone operators and AEC professionals who can capture realistic insights of commercial properties and building projects. 

We operate pan Victoria, covering both the metro Melbourne area and the surrounding suburbs.  


High Rise Building Inspections

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Real Estate Photography

beam lift construction

Construction Site Survey

Drone Photography in Melbourne for Architects & Builders

Drone photography is used both in the pre and post construction phase of a building project. Architects use the aerial shots of the site to prepare their working prototype and 3D design models. 

Other than that, architects also use drones to keep an eye on the progress of the project and identify structural errors. 

On site engineers and architects use drone footage to replicate 3D maps and models of the property as well. Drone photography in Melbourne is also becoming popular among AEC professionals who want to create engaging property listings, project proposal plans etc. to attract more investors. 

why choose us?

Accurate Surveys

Our drone photography services in Melbourne capture precise property measurements, site volume and generate 3D models.

Residential Inspection

We use drones to capture residential properties and identify any structural damages for quick and easy repairs.

No Return Visits

Depending on the property size, we take 1-2 days to cover property. We try our best to avoid any return visits!

Commercial Photography

With drone photography we capture commercial properties from multiple stunning angles, getting perfect bird’s eye shots.

Indoor/Outdoor Operations

With drone photography, we can capture interiors/outdoor for commercial and residential properties for AEC clients.

Pan Victoria Access

We at Avian cater to clients everywhere in Victoria. Just give us a call and we will be there to cover the property.

360-degree Drone Photography Melbourne

Drone photography is a better alternative to traditional surveying methods. You cannot replicate the impact of aerial photographs using a simple on ground camera. 

Our drone operators are familiar with pretty much every neighbourhood in Victoria. And we help AEC clients capture the property from multiple angles. From stunning bird’s eye view of the building to 360-degree shots of the building- we do it all!

Case Studies

Drone Photography Melbourne: Give Wings to your Next Project!

At Avian, we can help take your project to the skies!

Drone photography and videography is becoming increasingly popular among architects, real estate agents, land surveyors and builders.

At Avian, we have land surveyors and drone operators who can don’t just capture captivating drone photos of the property but also help clients prepare engaging videos 

Depending on your project requirements, we can help clients create profile videos, 3D virtual tours, property listings etc.

FAQs about Drone Photography Melbourne.

Have a question about our drone photography services? Check out these common FAQs! Feel free to contact us if you have other queries.

Our drone photography services in Melbourne start from $250. However, we will have to look at the property and site measurements to give you an accurate budget. 

You can check out this insightful blog on drone services costs for an idea on what impacts our prices.

We operate mainly out of Melbourne and cover areas such as the City of Port Phillip and Yara in the main city. 

Other than that, we also cover the northern, southern, eastern and western suburbs around Melbourne and other parts of Victoria. 

You can book a free consultation with us and share your unique project requirements and site location. We will send across a team of land surveyors for a physical site inspection ASAP before we give you the budget estimate.

Our drone operators hold a drone pilot licence from CASA and also have the necessary CWCs and other permissions needed to work on construction sites and building projects. 

Yes, we have trained drone operators who can fly drones through narrow corridors, cover every room inside the building and capture precise shots. These indoor shots can be used to create a 3D virtual tour of the building.

In our experience, real estate agents usually require a couple of perfect, well shot drone photos that capture the exterior and interior aspects of the building. The first shot is a panoramic shot that covers the entire neighbourhood. The second shot highlights the best features on the property. And the third shot can give clients a glimpse of the interiors.