At Avian, we deliver precision in every engineering drawing and 3D models, ensuring your project, whether in engineering, fabrication, or construction, is built on reliable and detailed BIM data.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) services revolutionize the construction industry by digitally designing, planning, and managing buildings. It involves creating detailed digital models that contain information about every component of a building, allowing architects, engineers, and builders to visualize and analyze designs, make informed decisions, and streamline construction processes. 

BIM facilitates efficient collaboration, enhances project coordination, and ensures accuracy throughout the entire lifecycle of a building, from design to construction and ongoing maintenance.

Ideal For:

Engineers seeking meticulous and updated models and drawings for enhanced design accuracy.

Fabrication companies requiring precise geometry and detailed site specifications based on existing conditions.

Construction professionals aiming for improved planning and flawless execution in design and build.

BIM Services

Key Benefits & Capabilities of Our BIM Services

✅ Updated Engineering Drawings: Ensure your projects are built on the most accurate and recent data available.

✅ Detailed 3D Models: Visualize and analyse your projects with high-quality, detailed 3D models.

✅ In-depth Analysis: Leverage our detailed analysis to navigate through your project’s complexities with ease.

✅ Precision in Every Detail: From accurate measurements to precise geometries, we ensure every detail is spot-on.

✅ Custom Solutions: Tailored drafting and modeling solutions to meet your specific project requirements.

Why Choose Our AEC Solutions?

We invest in the latest technology, provide continuous training to our team, and emphasise meticulous quality control, documentation and attention to detail to guarantee the success of your projects. 

✓ Investment in Modern Technology

We employ the latest surveying and reality capture tools and technologies, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

✓ Emphasis on Training

Our team is continuously trained on the latest project  methodologies, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

✓ Quality Assurance

With our emphasis on quality control, documentation and precision, we guarantee and evidence our data capture and control, ensuring complete confidence in the results.

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FAQs about BIM Services

We have answered some common questions that clients have about BIM Services.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) services encompass the creation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places. It involves the use of advanced software to generate precise 3D models, engineering drawings, and data-rich designs for construction, engineering, and fabrication projects.

Avian Australia uses laser scanning technology to accurately measure volume in their Building Information Modeling (BIM) services. This method allows for precise calculations and detailed information to be captured for efficient project planning and execution.

Avian Australia’s BIM services benefit construction professionals by offering millimeter accurate 3D models created through laser scanning technology, which can be easily integrated into software such as Autodesk Revit, Civil 3D, CAD, Rhino or Microstation. This allows for efficient measurement of as-built conditions, precise site information verification, clear communication about project progress and contractor performance, and easy creation of marketing materials for sales and future bids. Additionally, Avian Australia’s experience, accuracy, and knowledge in providing multiple services help deliver cost and project efficiencies for architects and builders.


Yes, Avian Australia’s BIM services are equipped to handle projects of various scales. With their laser scanning technology and expertise in creating millimeter accurate 3D models, they can cater to different project sizes, from small-scale to large-scale projects. Avian Australia has a track record of successful projects across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, showcasing their ability to effectively manage and deliver BIM services for a range of project scales.

Avian Australia incorporates sustainability principles into its BIM services by providing accurate 3D models that can help optimize building designs for energy efficiency, material usage, and overall sustainability. By utilizing laser scanning technology and precise measurements, Avian Australia can assist architects and builders in creating sustainable buildings that reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. Additionally, their expertise in BIM services can aid in the identification of sustainable design opportunities and help clients make informed decisions to improve their projects’ sustainability performance.


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