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Avian Australia's Property Surveys where every inch of your land is meticulously surveyed, every boundary is precisely defined, and every development decision is backed by strategic insights.

Navigating Your Projects with Accuracy, Compliance, and Strategic Insight into Every Parcel of Land

Who we serve

– Land Developers: Leverage our comprehensive surveying services to ensure every development is optimized, compliant, and strategically aligned with both the property and the neighbourhood.

– Real Estate Investors: Utilise our suite of land surveys to make investment decisions that are not only financially sound but also legally compliant and strategically astute.

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Core Features

Avian Australia is not just a surveying service; we are your strategic partner in ensuring that every land development, property investment, and land utilisation decision is informed, legally compliant, and optimized for success

Our comprehensive suite of land surveying services from Feature and Levels Surveys to Neighbourhood Context Plans, is designed to provide you with a holistic, detailed, and strategic view of your property, ensuring your projects are built on a foundation of precision, legal compliance, and strategic alignment with both micro and macro development contexts.

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Feature and Levels Surveys

✓  Foundation of Development: Establish the baseline data for your design and development projects, ensuring every subsequent step is rooted in accuracy.

✓  Detailed Site Analysis: Gain insights into existing conditions, elevations, and features to inform design and planning.

Title Boundary or Re-establishment Surveys

✓  Legal Compliance: Ensure every development adheres to legal boundaries, safeguarding your projects against disputes and non-compliance.

✓  Investment Security: Protect your investments by ensuring accurate demarcation, indentify enchroachments and ensure utilisation within the property dimensions.

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Topographical Surveys (Contours)

✓  Informed Design Decisions: Utilise detailed topographical data to make design decisions that are harmonious with the natural landscape.

Risk Mitigation: Identify potential risks related to the land’s topography, enabling proactive management and planning.

context plan

Neighbourhood Context Plan

✓ Strategic Development: Understand the broader context of your development within the neighbourhood, ensuring alignment with local aesthetics, infrastructure and functionalities.

✓ Community Integration: Ensure your developments are not isolated projects but are integrated and complementary to the surrounding neighbourhood.

Capabilities That Set You Apart

Navigate through your land development and investment journey with Avian Australia, where every survey is a step towards efficiency, seamless compliance, and successful project realization. Connect with us and let’s build a future where every development is a testament to informed decisions, strategic alignment, and sustainable success.

✓ Comprehensive Insights

From detailed site context and topography to neighbourhood context, gain a comprehensive view and assessment of your property and uncover its true development potential.

✓ Strategic Development

Ensure every development is not only compliant but is strategically aligned with broader neighbourhood, council and environmental plans.

✓ Risk Mitigation

Identify and navigate potential risks, ensuring your investments and property developments are safely managed, mitigated and optimised.

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