Professional Construction Site Monitoring - An Avian Case Study

Avian Australia delivers professional land surveying and mapping services for Construction across Australia.

Our case study here is monitoring the construction project using a combination of drone surveying, photography and video techniques. We provide our clients regular updated site information so they can track project progress, contractor compliance and validate site works. This supports the project teams to ensure the project is set. to meet key milestones, monitor site compliance and ultimately to ensure project success.

The Author, Chris Patchell is the GM and Director Operations at Avian Australia, a leading multi-disciplinary surveying, imaging and reality capture company servicing the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) sectors in Australia. Avian provides all types of land surveying and mapping services with expertise at large area feature surveys, road and rail corridor surveys and digital terrain models. 

The Project

The client required us to track the progress of a civil construction site to help with compliance and real-time reporting. They wanted to implement an aerial mapping utilising drone mapping techniques to capture high-resolution sitemaps of the project to compare progress, combined with photo and video of the site at regular intervals. Each site visit is needed to provide real-time updates on construction progress and digital maps compatible with ArcGiS to allow project managers to track activities and ensure compliance with project timelines, regulations and quality standards. The digital maps were used to provide an umbrella view of the project and to identify potential safety hazards, optimize resource allocation and enhance overall project efficiency. Additionally, the images and video were used to update key stakeholders and communicate key project stages.

Due to the geographical location, the project was deemed sensitive and it imperative our operations adhered to both local and national regulations and privacy laws while maintaining secure data storage and data sharing protocols. 

Finally, the real-time reporting was aimed at facilitating collaboration among project stakeholders and enabling prompt decision-making across key project events due to the increased transparency and sharing of site information.

The Benefits

  • Enhanced Safety: Aerial construction monitoring provides a bird’s-eye view of the construction site, allowing for the identification of potential safety hazards and the implementation of effective and preventative safety measures. It helps in ensuring that site protocols are followed, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Improved Project Management: Our solution provides real-time and comprehensive data on construction progress, allowing project managers to track and monitor activities more efficiently. It helps in identifying bottlenecks, optimizing resource allocation, and ensuring projects stay on schedule and within budget.
  • Accurate Documentation: Our aerial cameras capture high-resolution images and videos of the construction site, serving as valuable documentation for future reference. These visual records can be used for dispute resolution, quality control, and compliance purposes. 
  • Effective Communication: Using our construction monitoring enables project stakeholders, including clients, engineers, contractors and the public to have a clear and visual understanding of the construction site’s progress. It facilitates better communication, trust and collaboration among team members, the client and the public leading to improved confidence, decision making and addressing impromptu requests for information.
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings: By providing a comprehensive overview of the construction site, construction monitoring helps identify potential inefficiencies and areas of improvement. It allows for proactive decision-making and resource optimization, leading to cost savings through reduced rework, improved materials management, and streamlined site operations.
  • Confidence in Compliance: Our construction monitoring involved site monitoring and compliance and had sensitivities due to the perception of contractor non-compliance. We were involved in consultation with site project teams and management to alleviate concerns about the use of the data and site information.
  • The client was confident in the successful management of our operation including obtaining all required approvals and permits to comply with federal government regulations in our aerial mapping and drone operations. 

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