High Quality Building 3D Models - An Avian Case Study

Avian Australia delivers commercial 3D models for Architecture, Engineering and Construction of buildings and construction sites.

The Architecture industry is very familiar with 3D models for the visualisation of designs and concepts that gives a viewer a realistic impression of the design, space and environment. But for the AEC industry building 3D models is becoming increasingly popular for engineering, inspection and site visualisation purposes. Read more to find out how Avian Australia are using 3D building modelling techniques for Architecture, Engineering and Construction projects.

Before construction it’s often difficult to visualise a project and even after construction commences its hard for to get an understanding of how the project will look during key stages or on completion of the build. Often, issues during construction can be identified and addressed if there were regular site updates and site visits to communicate with designers, planners and other project stakeholders.

Avian Australia offers a suite of 3D visualisation products that brings your project to life. From site virtual tours to accurate 3D models for BIM, Civil 3D and CAD applications.

Avian Australia is a multi-disciplinary surveying and visualisation company who partners with the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry to capture, process and visualise information on assets, sites, terrain and buildings.

Our onsite capture process involves a site visit either periodically or at key stages of construction to capture the project, site, building or construction activities and generate them in 3D space. We use a combination of equipment to get the desired results including laser scanners, DSLRS, drones, total stations, action cameras and 360 cameras.

The Project

For clients being able to view the project site and surrounding areas in 3D space allows them to plan, visualise and inform other project dependencies such as project access points, traffic management, town planning, shadow plans, renders or construction updates. 

Other clients require accurate as-built drawings and finished 3D models of a building for integration into design software like Revit, CAD or Civil 3D. This process is more complex and requires a meticulous surveying methodology to ensure the acquired data, observations and measurements are precise to generate accurate 3D building models.

ormond uniting church

In partnering with Indiecad we developed a tailored scan-to-model process, specific for clients who need Building 3D Models using 3D laser scanners, Total Stations, GNSS Receivers and enterprise level drones. Using our laser scanning methodology ensures independent checks at key stages of the process to ensure the highest accuracy and precision of the measurements and surveying observations.

The Benefits

  • Avoid site visits with real-time site information obtained within days
  • Reduces time to gather information to inform key stages of the project 
  • Site information is gathered without site interruption
  • Visualise interior and exterior of the project including surrounding streetscapes
  • Avoid the risk of navigating walking or climbing on existing onsite structures 
  • Manipulate and alter the project in 3D space
  • Demonstrate construction progress to key stakeholders with updates
  • Monitor site compliance and activities across multiple sites without visits

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