Building Laser Scanning and Volumes - An Avian Case Study

Avian Australia uses point clouds to deliver updated floor plans and calculate accurate internal volumes.

For fire safety compliance and reporting its often a requirement to calculate building volumes. This is time consuming and laborious in a large building and is prone to errors and miscalculations. Surveyors and Architects often manually measure a project to get an idea of the space and dimensions they are going to be working on. This can result in lengthy site visits, transcription errors and miscalculations. Avian Australia removes the complication and guesswork from manually measuring a building by using laser scanning technology to efficiently and accurately conduct the as-built survey. Using a Leica laser scanner we capture 360,000 laser measurements per second to create a digital twin of the building interior. This digital twin is then used for site measurements, calculations and drafting updated floor plans and drawings.

Avian Australia, is a digital imaging, surveying and visualisation company who partners with the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry to deliver quality-assured, digital data and visualisations of as-built and natural environments including assets, sites, terrain and buildings.

In this example we will review the benefits of using Avian Australia for laser scanning and drafting on a commercial multi–tenancy building.

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The Project

The commercial building floor space is approximately 4,500 sqm and comprises 4 separate tenants in a building built over 60 years ago. There were no plans or drawings of the building and one mezzanine level was unoccupied and in a state of disrepair. The client required updated floor plans and volume calculations for the building to assist with fire engineering reports. Our scope of work was to scan the entire building, deliver updated floor plans and calculate the internal building volumes.

Avian Australia used a static Leica BLK360 laser scanner, Ricoh Theta Z1 and Leica Geosystems TS-16 total station for survey control.

The Benefits

  • The entire building interior was laser scanned and surveyed in one day.
  • Tenants were able to continue business operations without disruption.
  • The building comprised many smaller rooms i.e. amenities, storage and adjoining doors between tenancies were sealed an inaccessible.
  • The client is able to complete fire engineering reporting and use updated floor plans for ongoing leasing and management.
  • Additional plans, drawings or site measurements can be taken from the digital twin available in our archives so further site revisits can be avoided by the client.
  • Project timelines can proceed without delay as the timeframe from quote acceptance to delivery of client files was 10 business days.

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