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Digital Imaging, GIS Mapping and 3D Photogrammetry in Melbourne

Digital Elevation Models

DEMs are quantitative digital models of a topographic surface captured with advanced 3D photo mapping and laser scanning techniques. 

Digital Terrain Models

DTMs capture the bare earth, and use drone photogrammetry to best represent the terrain and topography of the site location.

Digital Surface Models

DSMs capture the natural and artificial elements on the land with centimetre accuracy with photogrammetry UAV solutions. 

Accurate 3D Visualisation & Spatial Measurements With Drone Photogrammetry

At Avian, we offer professional drone photogrammetry in Melbourne to architects and engineers. Our land surveyors generate as-built information and 3D models about building facades, roads, underbridges, etc.

Our team is involved in every aspect of the collection, production, processing and presentation of geospatial data. We use high tech 3D laser scanners, LiDARs, eVTOL drones and thermal drones to realistically capture the landscape from above.   

Our core photogrammetry services in Melbourne involve: 

  • 3D virtual tours 
  • Aerial photogrammetry 
  • 3D BIM models 
  • LiDAR scans 
  • 360 panoramic photos
  • 2D Orthophotos
  • Existing condition surveys 
  • Spatial data management 
  • Vector image services 

3D Reality Models

3D BIM Models

Mask Group 46

3D Thermal Models

3D Drone Photogrammetry Models that Make You Go WOW!

We use powerful makeup tools and references for drone inspection, site analysis and survey planning. 

Here are some markup tools we use to ensure accuracy photogrammetry UAV solutions: 

Pins: Choose from a variety of pins and contours to geotag the photogrammetry models.

Lines: Drone photogrammetry allows you to measure site distances, height and elevations in just a click. 

Polygons: Use photogrammetry services to measure site volume, area, tilt, and azimuth in a matter of minutes.

Why choose us

Precise annotations

All the 3D models and photogrammetry insights are annotated and geotagged. This makes it easier to identify the site location.

Lifelike 3D Models

Capture real time drone information and replicate them to lifelike 3D models using drone photogrammetry.

Competitive models

We offer clients competitive models and detailed site analysis based on the 3D drone photogrammetry insights of the site.

Accessible Images

The 3D models and maps are easy to access and directly streamed to your system (PC, Laptop, Tab or iPhone).

Easily shareable data

Our photomapping services are shareable across multiple platforms. And we use industry standard photogrammetry software.

No return visits

Deploy drone services in Metro Melbourne within hours, including the suburbs and rural Victoria within days

Powerful. Precise. Picture Perfect!

What sets Avian apart from other drone photogrammetry in Melbourne is our dedication to deliver best quality results. Our land surveyors can achieve extremely high levels of spatial accuracy using calibrated cameras. 

We carefully position the precise focal length, principal point coordinates, and various forms of lens distortion to identify systematic distortions and correct them later when required.

Notable Photogrammetry Projects

High Impact Drone Photogrammetry Melbourne

Collect, Collate and Classify Accessible 3D Models and Drone Images

Avian is a land surveying company that helps architects, engineers and construction (AEC) professionals gather real time project updates and site information. Not only that, we also help clients convert the 2D drone footage into 3D models and terrain maps.
These 3D photogrammetry models can be used for company profile videos, working prototypes,

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FAQs about Drone Services in Melbourne

We have answered some common questions AEC clients have about drone services in Melbourne.

Drone photography is more engaging and allows clients to capture a site from multiple angles. Also, the aerial shots look stunning and immediately capture the eye of the client, something a traditional camera setup can never achieve.

Drone photography and videography is popular among real estate agents, property developers and builders.

The standard industry rate is approximately $350 to create a 3D virtual house tour video using drone footage. Most drone surveying companies in Melbourne can help you capture drone footage. However you will need a team of video editors to convert this footage into an engaging video using CAD software.

At Avian, we provide both these services to clients, making their lives a lot easier. You can check out our drone services cost guide for more information on our pricing.

Of course, at Avian we have worked with AEC clients in the past who wanted drone surveys for warehouse inspections, inventory management and damage detection

You can check out a case study here to learn more about how we conduct warehouse inspections using 3D scanners.

Drones are used in every part of the road construction project. We use drones to inspect the site, identify the site elevations and uneven terrain. We also use drones to detect structural errors, track on site activity, ensure worksite safety and provide regular project updates to clients.

You can learn more about how drones are used for road construction in this blog

In our experience, these are the permits you need to procure before starting a construction project: