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CAD Drafting and 3D Models: that promise not just accuracy, but a seamless integration of creativity and analytical precision

Construction Site Design

Empowering architects and construction professionals with precise survey plans, detailed site analysis, and realistic 3D visualizations, Avian Australia ensures every project detail is meticulously crafted and confidently executed.

Architectural Plans/Drawings

We transforms your visions into tangible designs with architectural plans and drawings, meticulously crafted with accurate and aesthetically appealing 3D models for professionals across the construction and design spectrum


Engineering Drawings

Engineers, Fabrication Companies, and Construction Professionals, experience the next level of detailed analysis, updated engineering drawings, and 3D models. 

Our engineering drawings are not just blueprints but a promise of quality, accuracy, and reliability in every project phase.

3d warehouse model

Architectural Renders and Visualisations

Obtain updated as-built drawings and 3D Revit Models for a comprehensive site analysis.

Eliminate guesswork in dimensions and site details, ensuring project accuracy.

Why Choose our CAD Drafting and 3D Models?

Your architectural and engineering visions are sculpted into accurate, reliable, and innovative 3D CAD drafts with Avian Australia – where your ideas take flight in the realm of precision and creativity.

✓ Unparalleled Precision

Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every line, angle, and measurement in our 3D CAD drafts and models is accurate to the dot, mitigating the risk of design errors and subsequent construction challenges.

✓ Accelerate Your Project Timelines

With our streamlined processes and expert team, we expedite the transition from conceptualization to tangible, accurate 3D models, ensuring your projects stay firmly on track and even ahead of schedule.

✓ Sustainable Design Focus

We prioritize sustainable and environmentally-conscious design principles, ensuring your projects are not only innovative but also future-proof and eco-friendly.

✓ Collaborative Approach

Your insights are pivotal. We work hand-in-hand with architects, engineers, and construction professionals, ensuring the final drafts are in perfect alignment with every stakeholder’s expectations.

CAD Drafting and 3D Models Case Studies

Speak with the team at AVIAN to discuss your project needs. We love to solve complex problems using our combined knowledge and experience so let us know more about yours.