Architectural Innovation: Avian Australia's Laser Scanning and 3D Modeling Success Story


In this illuminating case study, we delve into Avian Australia’s remarkable partnership with Architecture Studios, showcasing their expertise in laser scanning and 3D modeling. Discover how Avian Australia’s innovative approach revolutionizes the architectural industry by simplifying complex measurements and providing precise 3D Revit models and drawings.

Client Background

Architecture Studios, like many in the industry, faced the challenge of manual measurements leading to time-consuming site visits, transcription errors, and doubts about accuracy. Seeking a solution to streamline their processes, they turned to Avian Australia, a digital imaging, surveying, and visualization company known for its partnerships in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector.

Problem Statement

The problem was evident: architects struggling with manual measurements, which often resulted in inefficiencies and inaccuracies. Architecture Studios needed a more reliable and efficient method for capturing spatial data and creating 3D models for their projects.

Avian Australia’s Solution

Avian Australia’s solution was nothing short of revolutionary. They harnessed the power of laser scanning technology and advanced 3D modeling processes to eliminate the challenges of manual measurements. Their comprehensive solution included:

– Utilizing a portable Leica BLK360 laser scanner and Leica Geosystems TS-16 total station for survey control.

– Scanning both the interior and exterior of the property, providing a detailed point cloud and a 3D Revit model.


Avian Australia executed their plan with precision, laser scanning the entire property and capturing site context photographs for an immersive virtual tour. Notably, they scanned and modeled the critical adjoining wall, offering valuable insights for the design process.


The results were transformative for Architecture Studios:

✓ A comprehensive virtual tour of the property was created, allowing the client to explore every detail remotely.

✓ The 3D model of the adjoining wall facilitated the design process, enabling it to begin confidently and efficiently.

✓ Avian Australia’s scanned point cloud allowed for the creation of additional plans and drawings without the need for revisits, saving time and resources.

Choosing the right Laser Scanning Service

At Avian Australia, we offer a range of laser scanning services tailored to meet the specific needs of architects and construction managers. When choosing the right package, consider the scope of your project, the level of detail required, and your budget. Contact us today to discuss your project and receive a customised quote. 

Avian Australia Commitment

Avian Australia’s partnership with Architecture Studios exemplifies how cutting-edge technology can overcome challenges in the architectural industry. By eliminating manual measurements, reducing errors, and providing comprehensive 3D models, Avian Australia has empowered Architecture Studios to streamline their design process, enhance accuracy, and improve their competitiveness. This case study underscores the importance of innovation in reshaping traditional practices and driving efficiency in architecture.