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The Role of Site Measure Up

When architects need to bring their designs to life, they often grapple with uncertainties related to existing conditions and doubts about interior dimensions. Often its time-consuming and complex to manually measure up a site and causes delays to the project timeline.

Solution: Architects Site Measure Up

  • Updated As-Built Drawings: Get a precise representation of the existing conditions, eliminating guesswork and reducing errors.
  • Detailed 3D Models: Use these as a canvas for your architectural designs and renders, ensuring every decision is informed by the site's actual conditions.
  • Precision Digital Twin created as a point cloud provides an archival record of existing conditions to be easily  referenced in future. 
  • Stunning Architectural Visualisations and Renders: Secure client approvals with ease using impressive and realistic  representations.

Outcome: Design structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and based on accurate dimensions, leading to faster project execution and increased client satisfaction.

Designers, while aiming to infuse spaces with creativity, often face challenges due to a lack of comprehensive site details or dimensions, which can hinder the realisation of their creative vision.

Solution: Designers Site Measure Up

  • Detailed 2D and 3D Models: These models act as a canvas, ensuring your design fits perfectly with the site's actual conditions.
  • Comprehensive Site Analysis: Understand every nuance of the site, in all aspects allowing for designs that are both innovative, functional and feasible.
  • Stunning Architectural Visualizations and Renders: Visualise the final outcome, ensuring your designs are bold, functional and beautiful.

Outcome: Create spaces that are not only imaginative but also seamlessly integrate with the existing conditions, leading to designs that truly resonate and work.

Construction managers, aiming for seamless project execution, often face hurdles due to uncertainties in site conditions, leading to costly delays, rework and variations. 

Solution: Pre-Construction Site Measure Up

  • Updated As-Built Drawings: Have a clear starting point for every project, eliminating any guesswork and reducing errors.
  • Comprehensive Site Analysis: This deep dive ensures you have a clear understanding of the project's foundation, reducing unforeseen challenges.
  • Detailed 3D Models: Streamline project phases by having a precise model to refer to, ensuring every aspect aligns with the site conditions.
  • Be Clear and Consistent: Share the same set of drawings and plans to all trades and contractors, reducing clashes, errors and rework. 

Outcome: Streamline project management and execution with accurate data, reducing delays, staying within budget, and ensuring a structure that stands the test of time.

Workflow Variations in Architecture, Design, and Construction

In the pre-construction process, the foundation is laid with ‘As-Built Surveys,’ to allow updated as-built drawings to be drafted capturing the existing conditions of a building, structure, project site or streetscape.  

Building upon this, a ‘Detailed Site Analysis‘ is conducted to study the site’s specific characteristics. 

This information is then utilised to create a ‘3D Model,’ offering an accurate spatial representation of existing conditions. 

From this model, ‘Architectural Visualizations‘ provide preliminary design visuals, while ‘Renders‘ present the final, polished design showcasing the project in its entirety.

In contrast, for designers and construction managers, this process might be adapted or expanded, with designers focusing more on aesthetics and spatial functionality, while construction managers look for compatibility across multiple trades and disciplines, site access, planning and the feasibility of the design in a real-world construction environment.

Post construction as-built surveys provide contractor quality assurance to validate if the works have been built to specifications. This is an integral part of the process to ensure compliance, quality and safety.

How it works?

laser scanning survey

Updated As-Built Drawings

Our reality capture technologies capture every minute detail, ensuring no aspect of your site goes unnoticed or overlooked.
2D Plans and Drawings: Obtain updated architectural set drawings including site layout, floor plans, elevations, section views and reflected ceiling plans. 

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In-Depth Site Analysis

From detailed site measurements (size, area, length, volume) to structural integrity, our site analysis reports cover every aspect of your project. Meet compliance objectives with a verified, professional report.
Predictive Analysis: Identify potential challenges and address them before they become larger problems.

3d warehouse model

3D Model Creation

Our 3D models provide a 360-degree view of your site, offering insights that 2D drawings simply can’t.
Interactive Exploration: Navigate through the space within the 3D model and examine areas of interest, and really get a feel for the space.


Architectural Visualizations and Renders

Showcase your designs in stunning, realistic detail.
Virtual Walkthroughs: Allow stakeholders to really experience the space before it’s built. Build engagement and project support.

Capabilities That Set Us Apart

Our technology, expertise and reputation ensure quality at every stage to ensure every uncertainty, whether it’s related to existing conditions, interior dimensions, or missing site details, is addressed and managed.   

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