Aerial Surveying and Mapping - An Avian Case Study

Avian Australia delivers Commercial Architecture high-quality Aerial Photography for Architectural renders.

Architecture has utilised drone technology to compliment architectural renders for a while now and using these impressive aerial cameras certainly gives a unique and cost effective aerial perspective that is unmatched at higher altitudes.

For those operating in the AEC industry, drones can be used throughout the entire project lifecycle to deliver myriad benefits from site viability assessments, drone mapping, land surveying, neighbourhood analysis, safety compliance and even contractor quality assurance. The most common use for the technology is for marketing and promotion purposes as the aerial perspective provides a better vantage point and larger context to the project than being positioned on the ground.

The Author: Chris Patchell is the GM and Director Operations at Avian Australia, a leading multi-disciplinary surveying, imaging and visualisation company servicing the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) sectors.

The Project

Capture high-resolution aerial photography matching a reference view at precise positions and altitudes for high-resolution architectural renders. The image resolution must be at minimum 20MP with 35mm equivalent lens and superior image sharpness for reproduction quality. The positioning of the camera view is paramount to ensure the renders are positioned within the photo correctly

Avian Australia deployed an enterprise-grade multirotor fitted with a Hasselblad 1” sensor 35mm equiv. lens to capture the aerial images. This avoided the need to stitch multiple images and introduce errors or misalignment during the post-production stitching process.

The Benefits

  • Multiple locations, views and heights are captured in the one visit. 
  • Lower costs to deploy than using a helicopter
  • The client can create the renders more efficiently from the images as the exact camera positions are matched by our skilled camera operators.
  • Multiple images and views were presented to the client and stitched panorama views for additional design, context and potential marketing purposes.
  • Fast turnaround for our client (3 days) to be used in a client presentation and bid package.

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