High accuracy land surveying in Ballarat with drones

Land surveying Ballarat

Full scale land surveying services in Western Australia

Rural subdivision

Using drones to identify fences, boundaries, adjoining properties, underground drains and utility services

Building surveys

Using drones to scan buildings and capture indoor and outdoor data within a 50m radius from the site

Topographical Surveys

Using drones to measure site volume, elevations and generate topographical maps to highlight local vegetation.

Trusted land surveying in Ballarat using drones

High volume surveys | Reduce risks | High-resolution drone footage

At Avian, we inspect and measure suburbs in Ballarat. Our team has covered construction sites, building projects, mines, quarries and industries. We manage the entire process for you—starting from piloting drones and ending with 3D modelling and digital mapping. 

Here are some land surveys we can cover: 

  • Application surveys: to verify land acquisition documents 
  • Monitoring surveys: to detect damages & surface movements
  • Site features and levels: to identify topography and site elevation 
  • Site analysis survey: to capture areas within 50m radius of the site
Contours Map
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Civil Surveys

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Boundary Surveys


Feature-level Surveys

Land Surveying Instruments for accurate site measurements

The land surveying equipment varies from project to project. Some other factors that affect this decision are: 
  • Survey accuracy levels 
  • Deliverables requested by client 
  • Where is the drone data used?
  • What is the drone data used for?
A typical drone surveying project would involve the following tools and platforms: 
  1. A drone (multirotor, VTOL or eVTOL)
  2. An HD camera 
  3. Markers and surveying pegs 
  4. Tripods and camera stands 
  5. High storage devices and memory cards
  6. Photogrammetry software 
Our team of drone experts conduct a physical inspection to measure the size and scalability of the project. Based on these insights, we either send a drone pilot or a team of drone experts for the job.

Why choose Avian?

$20M public liability coverage

Includes commercial protections- workcover insurance and up to $5m professional indemnity.

100% Worksite safety

Covers necessary CWCs and RIWCs needed to operate drones over railway tracks and project sites.

Full CASA-licensed operators

Local land surveying experts from Ballarat licensed by CASA with approvals for operations outside CASA SoCs.

3D digital visualisation

Our team is trained to process drone footage in photogrammetry software and create 3D maps. 

Integrated to existing workflow

The drone videos and images we create are compatible with your existing workflow systems.

Pan Ballarat operations

We deploy drone surveying services anywhere in Ballarat within hours, including goldmines, quarries etc.

Capture, interpret, present site data with drones

Data accuracy is the crux of any land surveying project and we at Avian deliver precise site measurements up to 0.1mm! 

Here are some measures we take to ensure that land surveying in Ballarat sites are accurate: 

  • Regular worksite assessment 
  • Short and long term monitoring of assets
  • Flying drones on clear sunny days for optimum results 
  • Using the best quality drone equipment and HD cameras
  • Transparent reporting of everyday site activities 
  • Drone data compatible with existing workflow systems

We cover these popular areas in and around Ballarat

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